This is an archive of projects and ideas.

Creative Drawing Class

Creative Drawing is a curriculum that I teach with at Oklahoma Contemporary Arts Center’s Studio School. In Creative Drawing, you learn contemporary drawing techniques using Radical Drawing foundations: (1) Drawing is a verb! (2) Everyone can draw, and (3) Drawing is not “good” or “bad

Radical Drawing

Handmade apple-wood charcoal sticks drawing burnt lines on the surface of a delicate rice paper.

Radical Drawing is an array of ideas and practices that can support you as you cultivate your creative intuition. I focus on drawing because it is accessible, adaptable, and meets a variety different of needs.

Recent Drawings: Abundances

Abundances is a collection of drawings and collages created in 2022 and 2023. These drawings focus on fruit and flowers. I use paper scraps and pieces of previous drawings to create the different elements. The individual parts are created separately. Later they are assembled into dreamy still-life pieces.

Recent Ceramics: Big Nerikomi

This is a collection of my recent ceramic works. They include big nerikomi vases and fruit bowls made by draping clay over actual fruit.

Moon Drawing Magic

A hand holds a book open to the title page, which reads: Moon Drawing Magic, A Drawing Magic Workbook. Copyright 2021 Isa Be, Altars Studio.

Moon Drawing Magic is a drawing workbook that supports you through a whole lunar cycle. It contains 10 drawing rituals and taps into the energies of 9 unique lunar phases.

Sea of Clouds

Sea of Clouds is an ongoing photography project which documents my view of the sky. These images record cloud formations and lunar phases. I write dreamy image descriptions, focusing on sensations, flavor, and temperature.

Past Ceramics: Nerikomi Vessels

A small square ceramic dish with a nerikomi pattern of contrasting squares hold a hot pepper, a dried flower, and a bundle of herbs for burning.

These vessels are designed to hold offerings. They are tactile and simple, with an emphasis on natural colors and intuitive forms. Nerikomi Vessels is a collection of ceramic pieces for ceremony. I layer clay bodies with different colors and textures to form intricate patterns. These works are fired in atmospheric kilns. Each piece is one-of-a-kind!

Past Drawings: From 2018 to 2021

I drew these pieces between 2018 and 2021. Many of these drawings were created with my partner and collaborator Dylan Cale Jones.


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