Sea of Clouds: Photos of the Sky

Sea of Clouds is an ongoing photography project which documents my view of the sky. These images record cloud formations and lunar phases. They witness seasons and storms. They catch fleeting glimpses of migrating birds and distant planes.

The image descriptions I write are dreamy. They describe sensations and focus attention on the flavor and temperature of the air.

A flock of plump, dense clouds extends in every direction. They are so thick that they obscure the chilly brightness of the winter sun.
A gauzy wave of clouds ripples up the sky and rolls over the waning crescent moon resting on the morning shore.
A snake made of light refracts through the humid, lavender air.
Four lean geese flap their long wings between dull clouds.
A fine mist of rose petals rises into the humid summer sky.
The sun blaze is a bow-string pulled taught against the clouds, which scatter like frightened birds.

This project began in 2020 as a series of social media posts. I photographed the sky almost every day that year. My images offered a space for reflection, a spacious break between advertisements and calls to action. In 2021 the project evolved into a newsletter. It was a gentle encouragement for my readers to look skyward. Now these images exist here, as a small archive. This pages shows a changing selection of my favorite sky-scapes.


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