Moon Drawing Magic

A hand holds a cloosed book above a dense cloud of fragrant apple blossoms. The front cover reads: Moon Drawing Magic.

Moon Drawing Magic is a drawing workbook that supports you through a whole lunar cycle. It contains 10 drawing rituals and covers 9 unique lunar phases.

A hand holds a book open to the title page, which reads: Moon Drawing Magic, A Drawing Magic Workbook. Copyright 2021 Isa Be, Altars Studio.

The Moon Drawing Magic workbook is made to be drawn in! Its spacious design offers plenty of room to explore your ideas. The pages are hearty and thick. It is printed with a risograph machine using plant-based ink on locally milled paper. Each book is uniquely hand-bound!

A hand holds a book open above a flowering apple tree. The open page reads: "Full Moon. Drawing as Reflecing. The full moon can be a mirror that offers us different perspectives. We are mirrors too - reflecting light, sound, energy, and ideas. Reflections can be clear and dirrect. Reflections can be subtle and diffuse. Drawing our own reflections can facilitate self-recognition. It creates space to make choices about how we represent ourselves. Try drawing a reflection. What does it reveal?"

This is the first book in a series called Drawing Rituals. It is designed to cultivate your creative potential and re-enchant your relationship to drawing.


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