Creativity and Daily Practice

Creativity is absolutely radical! It is a force of transformation that effects change in our inner and outer realities. We can nourish our creativity through practice.

Practice can deepen our noticing, bringing clarity to our attention.

One way I practice is by photographing the sky. This practice attunes me to different cycles. I notice the phase of the moon, the seasonal light, the growth cycle of the trees, and the weather patterns in the air.

Photograph from my sky photography practice
A waxing quarter moon is sitting in the split between two branches at the top of an apple tree. The tree is barely budding and the sky is crisp, clear, and cold. This image was photographed slightly before sunset on the vernal equinox

My practice is all the ways I prioritize my my creativity by making space for it in my everyday life.

Right now I am drawing every day. I keep a small sketch book on my altar. It is an intimate space to play with my imagination. I can draw whatever I want, without the pressure of sharing it with anyone.

My altar, with my daily drawing practice book.
A portion the altar in my studio. My drawing practice book sits behind my pencils and a cup filled with pencil shavings.

Some days I make detailed drawings of imaginary scenes. Some days I make a scribble in the darkness before bed. I try out new ideas or techniques. I draw with my eyes closed.

When I connect to the way drawing feels in my body it doesn’t really matter what it looks like.

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