About Isa Rodriguez

I sit in the sun in front of an enormous apple tree in full bloom
Self Portrait with Apple Blossoms, 2021

Artist Statement:

My name is Isa Rodriguez. I am a Queer, Latinx artist and designer. I write and teach about visual art and creative practice. My work presents creative practice as a technology for liberation.

Creativity is a generative force. Anything we do has creative potential because everything we do generates our reality. I want to practice generating liberated futures.

My most recent project, Practice Practice, was created in collaboration with Dylan Cale Jones.

Practice Practice is a network of resources that helps artists define success for themselves. We teach artists how to create balanced, sustainable practices. We do this by encouraging rest and reflection, which create the space necessary for transformative ideas. Putting those new ideas into action leads to new experiences.

When artists rest and reflect on those experiences, they enter a sustainable cycle of creativity. This cyclical approach supports individual well-being. When we extend this process into our communities, we co-create spaces of care and support for everyone.

Isa Be Rodriguez holds a dry snake skin in their cupped hands.
Self Portrait with Snake Skin, 2022

Artist Bio:

Isa Rodriguez (b. 1989, Albuquerque) is a Queer, Latinx artist and designer based in Oklahoma City. Their interactive projects present creativity as a technology for liberation. Rodriguez collaborates with Dylan Cale Jones as Practice Practice. Together, they publish accessible resources that support balanced creative practices.

They have exhibited in galleries and museums locally and internationally, including the Visual Arts Center (Austin, TX), the Mexican American Cultural Center (Austin, TX), the Czong Institute for Contemporary Art (Gimpo, South Korea), and the Oklahoma Contemporary Art Center (Oklahoma City, OK).

In 2018, they began a project called Radical Drawing. Between 2018 and 2022 they published the Radical Drawing Newsletter, a free resource for drawing exercises. Their self-published Radical Drawing workbooks include Moon Drawing Magic and Draw Every Day This Week.

In 2021, Rodriguez moved to Oklahoma City, where they founded Practice Practice with long-time collaborator Dylan Cale Jones. In 2023, the team received a THRIVE Grant from the Oklahoma Visual Arts Coalition and the Andy Warhol Foundation. In 2024, they published their first book, Practice Practice: How to Keep Creating and launched the Practice Practice podcast.

They teach at Studio School at the Oklahoma Contemporary Arts Center, where they will be an artist in residence from August 2024 – 2025.



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