My name is Isa Rodriguez.

I am a Queer, Latinx artist and designer based in Oklahoma City.

My interactive projects present creativity as a technology for liberation.

I collaborate with Dylan Cale Jones on a project called Practice Practice. Together, we explore the balance between art, creativity, and everyday life. We publish accessible resources that support your creative practice.

This is my studio website, where you can learn more about my ideas and my personal artistic practice.

Recent Projects

Practice Practice

Practice Practice is a network of accessible resources for artists building balanced practices. We want to transform how artists imagine success in their creative practices.

Artists are often taught to prioritize production and commercial success over everything—including relationships, rest, and mental health. This expectation is harmful and unsustainable.

We envision creative practices working in harmony with other important aspects of life. We imagine a future in which artists are well-fed, well-rested, and grounded in community.

Drawing Radical Futures

Drawing Radical Futures is an interactive drawing exercise commissioned by the Oklahoma Contemporary Art Center for the 2023 ArtNow biennial exhibition. The exhibition, titled “ArtNow: The Soul is a Wanderer”, is based on the poem A Map to the Next World by poet Joy Harjo. My drawing exercise guides visitors as they draw a map to their future.

Creative Drawing Class

Creative Drawing is a curriculum that I teach with at Oklahoma Contemporary Arts Center’s Studio School. In Creative Drawing, you learn contemporary drawing techniques using Radical Drawing foundations: (1) Drawing is a verb! (2) Everyone can draw, and (3) Drawing is not “good” or “bad”.

Draw Every Day This Week

Draw Every Day This Week is a new mini zine from the Radical Drawing Project. This tiny workbook has big ideas in a small format. It will help you build an everyday drawing practice starting with this week.

Recent Drawings: Abundances

Abundances is a collection of drawings and collages created in 2022 and 2023. These drawings focus on fruit and flowers. I use paper scraps and pieces of previous drawings to create the different elements. The individual parts are created separately. Later they are assembled into dreamy still-life pieces.

Recent Ceramics: Big Nerikomi

A large ceramic vase sits on the table. The vases surface is covered in a contrasting pattern of smooth, pale clay and rough, dark clay.

Recent Ceramics: Big Nerikomi Vases. These new vases are the biggest ceramic works I have ever made!

Moon Drawing Magic

A book lays closed on a bed of fragrant sweet grass. The cover reads: Moon Drawing Magic.

Moon Drawing Magic is a drawing workbook that supports you through a whole lunar cycle. It contains 10 drawing rituals and covers 9 unique lunar phases.

Nerikomi Vessels

My hand holds a patterned ceramic cup above a dense cloud of marigold flowers in early autumn.

Nerikomi Vessels is a collection of ceramic pieces for ceremony. I layer clay bodies with different colors and textures to form intricate patterns. These works are fired in atmospheric kilns. Each piece is one-of-a-kind!


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