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  • Drawing in the Dark: Solstice Drawing Magic

    It is the end of the season, the end of the year, and the moon is waning. The air is cold, and deep. My skin aches for sunshine beneath bulky layers of clothing. As the sun recedes we spend more time in the dark each day. I find myself drawn to fire. I stand near…

  • Rest is Part of Practice

    There are times when resting is my practice. My practice is all the small, almost-daily activities that make space for my creativity. But there are times when I find myself disengaged from my practice. This might happen for any number of reasons including: feeling tired, overstimulated, or overwhelmed. It happens when I over-scheduling myself or…

  • Waning Rainbow Moon Drawing Magic

    Rainbow Moon Drawing Magic is a cumulative drawing practice illustrating the phases of the moon. Each time the moon is visible to me, I add a new layer to reflect the moon’s appearance.