• New Bad at Drawing Class: Animals

    I love drawings of animals! I don’t think animal drawings need to look realistic to be “good”. I actually prefer an animal drawing with more personality.

  • How to Draw a Face

    Are you bad at drawing faces? These famous scribblers didn’t let that stop them! Don’t let it stop you!  Drawing faces doesn’t need to be hard! Let it be simple. Faces have a few basic features—some eyes, a nose, a mouth—that’s all you need! Arrange them on any shape or surface. Add some ears and…

  • Drawing Radical Futures at the ArtNow Biennial

    It certainly has been a while! Spring came an went. It was abundantly full of flowers, bugs, and drawing projects. Here’s a studio update on what I have been drawing out in the world lately.  Radical Drawing this Spring Bad at Drawing Class Bad at Drawing Class is a drawing class I teach with Dylan…

  • Are you bad at drawing?

    Do you say you “can’t draw”? Anyone can draw, including you! Because drawing is a verb. Drawing is a simple action. It is something you do, or choose not to do. Whether you do it or not is your decision.