How to Draw a Face

Are you bad at drawing faces? These famous scribblers didn’t let that stop them! Don’t let it stop you! 

Collage of funny portrait drawings from the Museum of Modern Art
This image features artworks from the Museum of Modern Art. Search through their collection online at

Drawing faces doesn’t need to be hard! Let it be simple. Faces have a few basic features—some eyes, a nose, a mouth—that’s all you need! Arrange them on any shape or surface. Add some ears and hair, if you like.

The personality of a face will change depending on where those basic parts are. Are they close together or far apart? Are they big or small?

Remember, its okay if your face looks funny, because you are allowed to have fun! If it’s really not working out for you today, just find a face you like and trace it.

Drawing Faces Exercise: 

Look into your bathroom mirror. Grab a lipstick, toothpaste, or bar of soap then use it to trace your reflection. Voila! A perfect likeness! 

Dylan Cale Jones holds a mirror and applies toothpaste to the surface, tracing their reflection.
A portrait drawn in toothpaste on large hand-mirror.
Toothpaste Self Portrait by Bad at Drawing instructor Dylan Cale Jones

Radical Drawing Updates:

Bad At Drawing: Portraits starts August 16th! Sign up at the Oklahoma Contemporary Studio School. Registration ends soon! So don’t wait too long… We are looking forward to seeing all your beautiful faces there! 👁️👄👁️

Wednesdays, 6-8:30pm, August 12 – September 6th. Sign up for portraits here!

For all our online baddies—start your drawing-class-fund now—we are planning remote classes in early 2024! 

Thanks for reading. Until next month—keep drawing!

A hand holds a small, round mirror in front of a flower garden. The mirror has a portrait drawn on it in acrylic paint pen.
Mirror Portrait, Isa Rodriguez, acrylic paint marker on small hand-mirror.

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