Drawing in the Dark: Solstice Drawing Magic

It is the end of the season, the end of the year, and the moon is waning. The air is cold, and deep. My skin aches for sunshine beneath bulky layers of clothing. As the sun recedes we spend more time in the dark each day. I find myself drawn to fire. I stand near the stove when someone is cooking. In the evening I light candles and watch the flames move. When I visit the ceramics studio I am mesmerized by the kilns. I love the enormous heat they radiate! 

A large metal kiln is burning. Flames fly from its chimeny. Its heavy, metal door has a plaque reading "Danger! Do not touch or attempt to open door during firing cycle". A small, bright crescent moon float in the sky above.
The Cone 10 kiln burns in the cold, clear air beneath a waxing crescent moon.

There was a barrel firing at the studio. The process is full of mystery and the results were completely unpredictable. It totally fits the theme of this time of year. Here is the before/during/after of my piece.

To be honest, embracing the unknown can be a challenge. It can be both exciting and terrifying. Even for mysterious and intuitive Scorpio babes. So this month I’m sharing a drawing exercise for getting comfortable in the dark. 

Drawing Magic for the Dark Moon and Winter Solstice: 

Drawing in the Dark

**This exercise isn’t limited to drawing. You can try doing all kinds of creative things in the dark, like writing, singing, dancing, or playing an instrument.**


  • Drawing materials
  • Candle (optional)
  • A quiet space
  • Night


Prepare your drawing materials. You can use whatever you like. I like charcoal because it is closely related to fire. Lay your materials out so that they will be easy to locate once you are in the dark. 

Light your candle (if using one) and turn off all the lights. Watch the flame move and relax into it’s glow. If you are not using a candle, try keeping your eyes open but allow your focus to relax into the darkness in front of you.

Ask yourself: What do you want to draw toward you? Is it a feeling? A shape? An idea? A realization? Is there a message that you need to know?

When you are ready to draw, blow out the candle. Breath in the darkness. Locate your drawing material and feel its weight. Touch the paper and feel its texture. Feel the gentle pressure of the dark on your vision. Begin to draw and feel your body drawing.  Draw for as long as you like. 

When you are ready to stop, gently put your materials to the side. You may want to turn on a small lamp to see what you have made or to clean up your workspace afterward. However, please remember that your eyes may be very sensitive to light after adjusting to the darkness. Try to come back into the world slowly.

Questions for Reflection:

How did it feel to draw without seeing?

When you look at your drawing, what do you see?

How would you describe what you drew to someone who can not see it?

Are you surprised by the forms that emerged?

Did any messages come through? 

I hope you find something rich, warm, and lovely in the darkness. Thanks for reading. I’ll see you on the other side. 

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